Monday, July 19, 2010

Putting the "Feh" in Fennel Ice Cream

So because of moving shenanigans and general mayhem, I didn't make this week's TWD recipe. However, I DO have a recent (non)baking (non)adventure to share with you!

If you have ever heard the worlds "Fennel Ice Cream" and thought to yourself, "Blerg! Never the twain shall meet!" you would be so, so right. However, I am not endowed with your brains, and I got tricked into thinking I would enjoy it. Fennel. And ice cream. Cohabitating in one dish. Think about that.

It all started when I read a post on Orangette praising fennel ice cream. Now, you should know that I'm not too much of a bandwagon-jumper. To wit:

  • I didn't see an episode of Seinfeld until the show ended and it was well into syndication
  • My first (and only) ipod was a gift from someone else
  • I still haven't read any of the Twilight books or seen the movies

However, this Orangette posting was persuasive on the charms of fennel ice cream. The word "bewitching" was used. The words "best ice cream" were used. I learned that Smitten Kitchen had also raved about this ice cream, and it had unanimous, four-fork, 100% rave ratings on epicurious. I tried to resist, but I am only one woman, and I can only be so strong.

Fennel ice cream. I was sold...

...until I tasted it. The only way to describe it would be "quite fennelly." It was woodsy and savory, but not in a good way. Maybe I had the world's strongest fennel seeds, maybe my palate is too pedestrian, but I found myself wanting to stuff this ice cream in a sausage and serve it with some marinara. Fennel indeed.

In all fairness, it was better with some basil-balsamic strawberries, and the husband actually liked it more than I did. But still. It's a long hot summer, there are plenty of other ice cream fish in the sea.


  1. This is exactly what I thought would happen if I tried fennel ice cream, and I haven't been daring enough to actually make it. Thanks for giving it a shot and confirming that I should probably skip it! It does look beautiful topped with all those strawberries, though.

  2. I'm with you on ice cream with unusual flavors. Although I agree with Jeanne about how beautiful the photos are. If you'd told me it was lemon flavored, I'd be elbow-deep in heavy cream right now.

  3. Anonymous7:37 PM

    I'm not on the Twilight bandwagon either, and I have no intention of trying fennel ice cream! Looks pretty, though.

  4. The ice cream looks gorgeous but I am glad you let us know how fennel ice cream really tastes.

  5. HHMM!! Ice cream stuffed sausage. Now I could get into that.

  6. I have a very unadvernturous palette, so all these flavor combinations rarely appeal to me! Atleast it didn't end up in the bin!