Sunday, January 21, 2007

About Candy...about time

A VERY belated announcement about my latest venture. I'm writing the new Guide to Candy. COME! Drool! Eat! Make candy of your own! Click on each link thousands of time so I become wealthy! And if you have computer skillzzz, post a link to my website on the Wikipedia Candy article! (Because, apparently, it's bad form to do it myself). You will be handsomely rewarded with loads of sugary treats.


Monday, January 08, 2007

Flower Cakes

I recently made two cakes for a luncheon honoring a baby blessing.

The yellow cake was a 6" butter cake. The decoration is buttercream around the sides, whipped cream on top, and buttercream accents around fresh berries.

The cake was 4 layers of butter cake and 3 layers of filling: strawberries and cream, boysenberries and cream, and raspberries and cream.

The pink cake was a 9" chocolate cake. Other than the cake flavor, it was the same as the yellow cake.

This one went quickly. Berries, cream, and chocolate is a very nice combination.


Army of Tartlets

As part of my bid for a hostile takeover of the world, I am amassing an army of tartlets to do my bidding.

Unfortunately, my camera batteries died before I was able to take any really great close-ups, but maybe it's for the best...I don't want my enemies to gain crucial intelligence information.