Tuesday, July 27, 2010

TWD: You're A Hot Mess, Chewy Chunky Blondies

Aaaaahhhhhh we've just moved and my entire life is in cardboard boxes. I am a woman of order and am not handling this transition well. My new kitchen, while it has potential for baking greatness, is currently a hot mess:

You know what else was a hot mess? These Chewy, Chunky Blondies:

A few weeks ago I thought I would be awesome and do some baking in advance, so I made these blondies late one night. After the recommended 40 minutes of baking, they were nowhere near done. I gave them another 10. Nope, but they were getting quite the tan in the oven. How about another 10 minutes? They had a lustrous, oven-kissed sheen and seemed to pass the knife test, so I took them out and hoped for the best.

But instead of the best, I ended up with gooey, under-baked innards. Wah-waaaah.

The truth is, these were ugly as sin but tasted pretty good! I'm a fan of the very underbaked chocolate chip cookie, and these were like that on steroids, so it kind of worked for me. I added toffee chips, toasted pecans, and coconut, and I could see these being awesome had I, you know, actually finished baking them. We still enjoyed them warm, with whipped cream:

I didn't feel like I could share them with anyone, being basically raw dough and all, so sadly most of them ended up in the trash. I'd be willing to try this recipe again, though, because it seems to have potential. I haven't been able to keep up with the TWD chatter--did this happen to anyone else, or am I a special underbaking snowflake?


  1. mine were a bit underbaked, but not that much. however, i made half a recipe in an 8x8 pan, so maybe that did it? i still think they look delish! and good luck getting unpacked :)

  2. I have no idea how long I had to cook mine... thats why cooking time should always say cook it til its done ;)

    Have fun unpacking, how fun will it be when you get your kitchen in order!

  3. Just seeing pictures of your U-Haul moving boxes is bringing back horrible memories of when we moved from San Diego to San Jose. Ugh! Good luck unpacking and celebrating by baking in your new kitchen!

  4. Feeling your pain with the moving and boxes. We're all unpacked now, but I've told my husband I am never moving again! ;)
    I made mini blondies, so can't help with the baking issues, but yours so sound the most underbaked of any I've seen today. Hate it when that happens.

  5. Yikes, those boxes would have me fleeing to In-N-Out. I think lots of bakers had doneness issues but I think you win a special commendation for extra gooey blondies. I would definitely give them another chance because they were amazing, and I don't usually like blondies.

    I hope you get unpacked soon!

  6. I definitely understand the transient feeling of moving...no fun!

    Also, half-baked blondies doesn't sound half bad! Especially warm :)

  7. Good luck with all the unpacking! I would have gladly taken the blondies off your hands, they look delish. Did they firm up in the fridge? I have a brownie recipe that comes out all gooey but firms after chilling.

  8. Anonymous1:11 PM

    The bowl of blondies looks pretty good! I didn't make these but did hear some buzz about underbaking.

    Good luck with the kitchen! That would drive me insane too, but just think about how nice it will be to have everything organized in your new place.

  9. I couldn't resist making these, although I was worried after I read about your problems with doneness. Fortunately mine were okay, and I'll be able to give (most of) them away.

  10. Moving is the pits, but setting up your new kitchen - FUN!!!

    Mine baked just fine, but I did them in a 9" rd cake pan. And they did take longer.

    CCC's on steroids. HHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    but they do look yummy!!

  11. Good luck with the move!! I would have loved those blondies, I love underbaked goeey stuff :)