Tuesday, November 02, 2010

TWD: Peanuttiest Blondies

I'm more than a little obsessed with peanut butter--well, with nut butters in general. In my cupboards I have 4 different kinds of peanut butter and 3 other nut butters, and that's not even counting the coconut butter variations. Some might say I have a problem with nut butter consumption, but one person's problem is another person's pleasure.

I have found ways to have peanut butter in practically every meal. In the mornings before I run I have a "banana taco," a banana cut in half lengthwise and spread with a thick layer of chunky peanut butter. I like to have some with my afternoon apple, and I have been known to add a spoonful to soups or stews to give it a hearty, thick flavor. I also have a habit of running my finger around the inside of the jar and then sprinkling the peanut-butter smeared finger with chocolate chips before gnawing on it, but that's not what we're talking about today.

Today we're talking about peanut-chocolate blondies:

I don't mean to be a stickler, but if you're calling something "peanuttiest blondies" I expect to be punched in the face with peanut flavor. These were good, no doubt about it, but I thought the actual peanut taste was pretty mild, considering they had chopped peanuts, peanut butter, and I subbed some peanut flour for regular AP in the mix. I did add quite a bit of chopped chocolate to the mix, so the overall effect was of a peanuttyish chocolate chip bar.

Oh, and I think I overbaked them. I've had a fear of underbaked bar cookies ever since I created this hot mess back in July:

So I had a "better safe than sorry" policy where these bars were concerned, and they took their sweet time in the oven.

Still, these were eagerly devoured around the house and by J's students, and I found that just a thin layer of peanut butter smeared on top made them perfect for me!


  1. You put peanut butter on top of your peanuttiest blondie! Oh man you're hard core!

    Thanks for baking along this week!

  2. I will scoop a glob of PB with a spoon and consider it a fine afternoon snack!

    pb desserts don't float my boat, so for me these blondies were just "meh". On the other hand, my hubs and his coworkers devoured the batch.

  3. They look great! I think the cinnamon overpowered most of the peanut flavor in these.

  4. I agree that these didn't have enough peanut butter flavor. Isn't peanut butter on a banana one of the most wonderful things ever?!

  5. Your description of gnawing on a peanut butter covered finger really made me laugh. But it sure sounds good.

    I overcooked mine too. And they didn't even bake as long as the book said. Hm-m-m-m-m.

  6. Okay, you are the peanut butter Queen!! I thought I was a peanut butter fiend, but you have me beat. I have never heard of peanut flour, so I learned something extra today...thanks. Your photos are wonderful.

  7. Just had me a banana with almond butter today.
    I'll give you a run for your money on your pb/nut butter stash. ;)
    Yep, these weren't quite the peanuttiest, but good and eaten.