Monday, May 03, 2010

TWD: Burnt Sugar Ice Cream

I have just 3 letters to describe this week's TWD pick, Burnt Sugar Ice Cream.


Now obviously, this stands for
Or, judging by the tasty puddle rapidly forming underneath all my ice cream scoops, despite hours of chilling and lightening-quick scooping, it stands for
Melty &

Yes, we absolutely loved this ice cream. I am usually lukewarm about ice cream (pun?) but even I couldn't stop eating this...and then licking the bowl...and finally the lid of the ice cream container. The deeply caramelized flavor was fabulous, but more than that, I loved the soft texture that stayed smooth for days, unlike most other homemade ice cream recipes that get rock-hard. In honor of its awesomeness, I made some sugar decorations to gussy up the plain bowls.

[And hey! Remember when I made sugar corkscrews? Well, I recently made a short video showing how it's done. In just two and a half minutes you can learn how too, if you're so inclined. The video is here. And now back to your regularly scheduled programming...]

The husband has had at least one helping a day, under the guise of market research. (So far we have discovered that it's equally good on its own, with warm cookies, and as part of an ice cream float. However, I fear more research is needed.) This will definitely be a recipe we'll come back to again and again. You could say we're
Majorly Smitten, &
over it.

Want to make this ice cream? Of course you do! Becky has the recipe over on her blog.


  1. Anonymous5:14 AM

    YOur ice cream looks delicious! I love the sugar decorations, they add such a nice touch. I have to try them!

  2. Gorgeous photos, as always. That's some Ohmigosh LOVE for this ice cream. I hadn't thought of that, but I do like that it is so scoopable and doesn't turn hard as a rock. It's a little rich for me, so I gussied it up with chocolate, nuts, the works. Then, not so rich. Go figure!
    Gotta go watch your video!

  3. Ice-cream and a movie to go with it :) Cool! (pun intended). Sounds delicious, will have to go find the recipe, thanks.

  4. I love your presentation with the sugar shapes. très elegante!

  5. Great pics - love the sugar corkscrews! :)

  6. looks perfect! and your decorations are just amazing

  7. Beautiful job! The sugar decorations are incredible!

  8. But did you like it?


    Your presentation is perfection, as usual. I'm going to have to check out the sugar corkscrew video because they're amazing.

  9. OMG!! Your ice cream looks great, and I love the sugar decorations:)

  10. Looks gorgeous with the sugar on there.

  11. Liz, really? Lukewarm about ice cream? Well I'm glad you liked this one. It looks fantastic and I love the sugar!

  12. OMG what beautiful pictures! I love your spun sugar, very classy and professional looking. I also loved this ice cream :-)

  13. So! I take it you kind of liked this ice cream!! 8-)

    Was really good. Love the sugar decor. VERY classy. I will definitely visit that video. Would love to be able to make them.

  14. The ice cream looks so delectable! I want to have some right now! I love the decor!

  15. Just saw your video, thank you so much. I've always wanted to see how it's done! And since you've raved SO much about the ice cream, I'm going to try it soon!

  16. I loved the texture of this as well. Unlike most of my "hard as rock" homemade ice creams, this was wonderfully soft and creamy.

    OMG (all three of your versions)--- couldn't have said it any better!

  17. Anonymous4:39 PM

    I was so happy with how soft this ice cream was, and I'm wondering what makes it different than the ones that get really hard in the freezer. I'm off to check out your video now!

  18. Great sugar work!

  19. This looks so great! I love the sugar sculptures.