Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentine's Day Candies

If the garlands of red roses and stacks of heart-shaped chocolate boxes and giant inflatable Cupids in stores haven't tipped you off already, allow me to warn you: Valentine's Day is nearly here. If you're looking for fun V-day sweets, here are some cute things I've recently been featuring on the candy website:

Homemade Conversation Hearts (link is to a photo tutorial)
Now you'll never be stuck passing out lame messages like "Tweet Me" and "UR A 10." With a set of food-safe markers, you can make the sassiest, funniest, in-jokiest candies to put Necco to shame.

Tuxedo Strawberries (link is to a photo tutorial)
Love, love, LOVE the look of these. The only downside is that it made me talk to my food more often and made me slightly more reluctant to eat them. I would pick one up and say, "Aren't you a handsome devil today?!" and then feel guilty about biting his head (or would that be feet?) off.

Aka, brownie pops with a Valentine's twist. These can also be made with regular cake, banana bread, pound cake, etc. I used a cutter for the hearts, but cut the tulips and lips out freehand, and the recipe includes tips for how to do this.

Happy Valentine's Day! What are YOU making to celebrate?


  1. O wow, these are all too dang cute!! LOve, love , love the strawberry idea - i'm gonna steal it. Thanks :)

  2. Your strawberries are darling!! All of your valentine goodies are so cute!!

  3. Wowie! You've got some super cute ideas there! Too bad I'm seeing them one day too late!

  4. cute stuff. i went kind of classic with a big 2-layer pink cake.

  5. Mmm, the brownies pops look awesome and I prefer brownie pops to cake pops.
    Love the conversation hearts, too.