Monday, February 15, 2010

Crepe Balls of Fire

This year marked the 8th year my husband and I celebrated Valentine's Day together. Our first V-Day, we were both in college, and I cooked him crepes in my dorm kitchen (always a scary proposition) and we ate them on a blanket on the floor of my dorm room. Maybe it was the fumes from the aerosol can of whipped cream that swayed him, but I like to think that it was the magic of crepes that sealed the deal. We were engaged later that spring and married a year later.

So every Valentine's Day since then, we have celebrated by having crepes for dinner. We try to make it a nice affair:

(Note the weird toppings that he insists on, like maple syrup over canned pears. He SWEARS by it!)

My crepes usually look something like this: Nutella or chocolate sauce, whipped cream, and berries. What's not to love?
This year, though, he got shook up our time-honored crepe routine. I sent him out to get berries and cream, and he comes back with Kit-Kat bars. Kit-Kat bars! I think he's been reading Katrina's blog...I kept waiting for him to bust out the Rolos and make Turtle crepes or something.

Not wanting to stifle his budding culinary creativity, I chopped them up and added them to the buffet of crepe toppings. Holy Cupid, they were actually GOOD! Seriously. The bits added a really light, fun crunch to the crepes.

So there you have it. 8 years in and he's still delighting and surprising me in new ways every day. It must be love.


  1. Now there's a sweet story. Sometimes inspiration does come from the weirdest of places. My father, who has no interest in sweets, gave me the idea behind one of my current favorite desserts!

  2. Very sweet, and kit kat sure does sound good. Hope you had a great day !

  3. whats wrong with syrup and pears?

  4. What a lovely tradition! True love is irreplaceable. The Kit Kats are just a bonus!