Tuesday, January 19, 2010

TWD: Chocolate Oatmeal Almost-Candy Bars

It's only January 19th and already my New Year's Resolutions are a sad crumpled heap kicked into the corner. I resolved to be a better blogger and ESPECIALLY a better blog commentor--I know I have the worst commenting karma ever and anyone who comments on this blog deserves major props and cupcakes and also apologies, because I am a loser--and not only have I not done better about commenting--sorry, sorry! Cupcakes are in the mail--but I'm also falling behind on blogging. Deep breath.

But at least this time, I have a 2 Legit excuse. I spent the long weekend up in the Bay Area, getting drenched in serious monsoon weather and eating Burmese food (where have you been all my life?) and walking around with my snooty nose in the air and my pinky out at the Fancy Food Show. You guys, food trade shows are so fun. It's a blast to be able to talk to people who are passionate about their products and sample so many squizillion delicious foods. There were trillions of truffles...

[These are from Norman Love and are hand-painted by art majors. Yes, really!]

and millions of macarons...
and beautiful brownie pops...

and cakes of both giant marshmallow...

and brie cheese.

Given the week's extracurriculars, it's only fitting that this week's TWD recipe is an "almost-candy bar," since I'm apparently on an all-candy diet. I can't quite see these as a candy bar, since they seemed more like a REALLY HEFTY bar cookie to me, but they were pretty face-rocking good.

I omitted the raisins (of course) and cut them into small bar shapes, which I later cut even smaller since these bad boys seemed to expand in the stomach. My only change for next time would be to not use all of the crust/topping, since I thought it was a little too thick in comparison to the fudge layer. But overall these were awesome and they're a definite make-again for me.

P.S. If anyone's interested, here are some of the candy/chocolate trends I noticed:
  • Antioxidant/superfruits are still big: goji berries, pomegranates, acai, etc.
  • Vegan/raw chocolate and truffles and other "good-for-you" chocolates
  • Yuzu and other exotic citrus fruits
  • Passionfruit! I'm really excited about this one.
  • Fun texture additions like popping candy, chips, etc. I saw panko used several times
  • Bacon everything. Vosges should rename their company Bacon R Us. There was even a bacon-maple marshmallow.


  1. Wow, those brownie pops look so fun...and that is one heck of a lot of brie! Now where's my cupcake? :) (sounds like you're setting yourself up for the great "comments for cupcakes" scandal of 2010). Seriously though, i love visiting your blog, and resolutions are meant to be broken.

  2. all candy diet sounds fun, and so does that trade show! good for you chocolates sounds like a trend I can get behind

  3. I heard about the Fancy Food Show a day too late...bummer. It looks like it was a fun time though. But, is anyone else tired of the bacon trend yet? :)

  4. hey! wow - i would DIE to go to that show. amazing. so jealous.
    Your TWD bars look awesome too. they really DO look like candy bars!

  5. Please send cupcakes to.... ;)

    Sounds so fun (and yummy) to go to a food show!

    Your bars look yummy! Love the drizzle on top. Seems like the other bars I've seen (mine included) were thicker on the bottom with just a sprinkling of cookie dough on top. I still thought it was a little thick either way. BUT, oats are wholesome and healthy, right! ;)
    I went with pecans and caramel instead of peanuts and raisins!

  6. Will comment for cupcakes. Seriously, but only yours, not the crap they sell in those rip off cupcake boutiques.

    Your bars look terrific. While I envy your your experience at the FFS, it has been monsooning here in the Bay area so driving up so San Francisco would be more painful than having having my wisdom teeth pulled.

  7. Anonymous5:48 PM

    Your bars are the prettiest I've seen! These were so awesome. The food show looks like it was so fun!

  8. "Face rocking" good. yes, they sure were. And hefty. And I will be too if we keep baking things like this.

    Interesting trends you mentioned. I bet that trade show was fun.

  9. Now I really want bacon-maple marshmallows on my pancakes this morning. I agree that the bars were a bit too oaty. But it's a recipe with playing around potential. Love your photo!

  10. Mmmm, bacon! Next time you go to a food show, I want to go! :) If you feel like you have fallen off the resolution wagon, just brush yourself off and get back on! Oh, your bars look fabulous!!

  11. I would of loved to go to the food show. Lucky! Glad you had fun!

  12. Wow, looks like a great show. Can't believe some of the things there... Marshmallow cake! ZOMG! I'd dive right in, and a no-hands cake eating contest thing!! The bars look great, one of the TWD recipes that I feel I must try out too..

    P.S - Where's my cupcake?

  13. Anonymous5:45 PM

    OMG, your cookie bars look fantastic! I agree with you on them being hefty, hefty, hefty though. The bars look so well proportioned with all the layers and I love the icing on top. =)
    And WOW, how do I get a ticket for a sweet Fancy Food Show like that? Sweet heaven!