Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Semi-Sincere Flattery

I spent the entire day at work creating these fairly ugly cakes. It was a little depressing to slave over something I didn't design and didn't particularly like.

The worst (best?) part is, they're not even real. It's just styrofoam rounds covered with fondant and buttercream. They were for a photo shoot, and the client wanted them to look exactly like this picture:

We thought styrofoam would be easier and cheaper (the quote for real cakes on such short notice would have been astronomical) but in the end it was a huge pain cutting it to size, and it was more expensive than we thought it would be, so we probably ate the cost on this one. Live and learn.


  1. It does strike me as an odd photo to try to replicate. Were they selling the same children's shoes, or did they just have a creative director unwilling to let the professionals design a cake? Perhaps they should have hired Jay Manuel to get some thinking outside the box (perhaps a baby's breath cake?).

  2. Ha--you'll never BE the best baby's breath you could be!

    And they weren't even selling the same shoes, they just saw the cake and thought it looked pretty. Weird, right?