Monday, February 07, 2011

TWD: Outrageously Good Orange-Chocolate Bread Pudding

Few things make my heart pitter-patter more than bread pudding. Done properly, it's one of my top 5 favorite desserts. (Done wrong, it's borderline inedible, but I don't like to think about such scary things so close to bedtime.)

This week's TWD recipe was for Bourbon Bread Pudding, but being a teetotaler, I made a few necessary adjustments. Since my "Bourbon Bread Pudding" didn't contain any alcohol, I figured it needed a new, more accurate name. How about...

Bourbon-less Bread Pudding

The Bread Pudding That Bourbon Forgot
Bread Pudding: The Prohibition Years
Don't Tell Dorie The Pudding Has No Bourbon
Are you There, Bourbon? It's Me, Bread Pudding

Don't get me wrong, those are all great options, but I like it by this title best of all:

Outrageously Good Orange-Chocolate Bread Pudding

Instead of making a plain bread pudding (yawn) I infused the cream with the rind of one orange overnight, to make sure orange flavor permeated every bite of the pudding. For the bread I used stale challah, which might just be my favorite yet. I've used brioche, croissants, and cinnamon raisin bread to good success in the past, but the challah had the best texture and flavor, I think, and it stayed nicely moist throughout the baking. Holla for challah!

Here's my other secret weapon:

I chopped up strips of freshly candied orange peel and added them, along with a big handful of bittersweet chocolate chunks, to the bread-and-custard mixture. The orange peel softened during the baking, so I had large pockets of juicy orange peel and melted, gooey chocolate studded throughout the pudding. Chocolate, orange, rich custard, crunchy crust of bread on top? I'm calling this

America's Next Top Bread Pudding

The hungry hungry husband is out of town, so I forced myself to make a half batch in little baby ramekins, because a whole batch of bread pudding + unsupervised me = serious trouble.

You know what else is trouble?

The ginooooormous mound of oranges and grapefruit I have shoved in my (perilously overloaded) refrigerator! SEND CITRUS RECIPES STAT.

Okay, so the condensed milk has nothing to do with bread pudding, bourbon, oranges, or silly pop culture references. I just also happen to have a ridiculous amount of condensed milk as well (oh my poor fridge) and am soliciting condensed milk recipes too.

Q: Are you a bread pudding fan? If so, what's your favorite variation? And if not--come over! This bread pudding'll convince you.

Q: Any ideas for yummy orange/grapefruit/condensed milk recipes? (Definitely not all at the same time.) Aside from key lime pie, that is...


  1. omg your bread pudding loooks out of control amazing! WOW! What an incredible enhancement to the recipe!!

  2. Looks AMAZING! Love the "Prohibition Years" title. I would just make more of that candied orange peel!

  3. Im glad you liked it!

  4. Chocolate and orange with bread pudding has to taste great. Thanks for baking with me.

  5. Looks great! I love bread pudding, but I'm more of a traditionalist- vanilla and cinnamon custard (NO raisins!).
    SCMilk recipe- these candy bars from BHG (

  6. Wow. I like your choice. Love chocolate and orange together. Looks yummy.

  7. Your titles made me laugh. Great combo-choc plus orange.

  8. Your bread pudding looks fantastic, and I love the selection of titles! I boozed mine up a bit, but I wish I had seen this, as I have a large jar of candied orange peel in the fridge that I need to use up. And, I have a huge bowl of grapefruits too! Recipe ideas:
    candied orange peel: florentine cookies
    grapefruit+condensed milk: a (not key lime) pie
    a cake that uses whole citrus and almonds. I made one recently with clementines and it was amazing.
    Good luck!

  9. Hi Liz,

    I have one such recipe for you... here:

    It's super yummy, I made it up myself and have cooked it twice! :)

    I hope that helps... <3 Your blog muchly!

  10. wow this looks fabulous!! what a great adaptation to the recipe - I'd much rather try this one than the original (shhhh don't tell)

    condensed milk recipes - tres leches, dulce de leche brownies

  11. What a creative adaptation! Chocolate and orange taste so good together.

  12. At first I thought that was stuffing because of the crock you baked it in. But on closer inspection, I see it's lovely, luscious bread pudding intead, and that's WAY better! ;)

  13. Chocolate and orange, those are magical words to me. Your pudding looks absolutely divine. I'm bookmarking this to try. Thanks for sharing!

  14. Beautiful! I love mixing orange and chocolate.

  15. Great photos! Plus the recipe looks divine. We'd love for you to share your recipe at!

  16. I am a fellow bread pudding lover. It's a problem, isn't it. Yours looks amazing! I think I may have to try it for V-Day. I do have an orange chocolate chip cookie with rosemary on my blog which is really yummy if you need another orange recipe. Also, I don't see any reason in the world why my lemon rosemary cake wouldn't work for oranges. So come by! Happy TGIF!

  17. I'm feeling sheepish, but where is the recipe? I see names and pictures. Help!