Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Fuzzy Wuzzy Was A Bear

...or rather, Fuzzy Wuzzy was a truffle. That's right, to all the smarties who guessed that this gorgeous furry beast was moldy chocolate, you are right! You win...bragging rights. (Yay?)

But this is not just any moldy chocolate, this is an overpriced truffle from Vosges. A month ago, Jason & I visited the Vosges boutique in Las Vegas and bought some treats, including a small hand-picked truffle assortment. We got home, decided to set aside the truffles until we could really "savor" them. Weeks pass, the truffles get lost in the shuffle, only to be found a good month after they were purchased. And mind you, these truffles had been sitting at room temperature this whole time. But does that set off any warning bells? Oh my, no.

So Jason, brave Jason, starts right in, chomping down on a delicious hazelnut praline truffle. I ask him how it is, he says, "...good..." and offers me a taste. As I go to pick it up, I notice a green streak on the inside. Breaking it apart, I see the resplendent mold garden that has been blossoming between the ganache and the chocolate shell. Aaaah! I couldn't believe he ate half the truffle and didn't notice it was a penicillin factory! I asked if he didn't notice the taste, and he said he thought it was just an unusual ingredient, because Vosges does a lot of crazy flavor combinations. (Mold + chocolate is the next big seller, you heard it here first.) But after finding out what he'd eaten, this was his reaction:

So kids, let this be a warning to you. Don't wait to eat your truffles! Don't let excuses like "diets" or "spoiling your dinner" get in the way of your chocolate consumption. Bad things happen when you put off truffle eating. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

[And P.S., we totally tore the rest of the truffles apart and devoured the ones with no visible signs of mold. We have no shame and big appetites.]


  1. Oh boy! That's too bad. Love the grimace on Jason's face!

  2. This is SO something my boyfriend would do!!! His expression is too funny...

    My truffles don't get to age 5 minutes before they're gone. You guys have iron will.

  3. makes a good story at least

  4. Once i bit into a frosted cupcake from one of the better bakeries in town and guess what was underneath the frosting? I almost threw up in my friend's face

  5. Ahahahah! I'm pretty sure that would not would have happened in my house! It never takes me long to finish my chocolate.

  6. Truffles a la mold. A whole new idea.

  7. Anonymous10:05 AM

    fuck you ya dumb ass hole