Monday, July 21, 2008

Pearl Wedding Cakes

I recently did cakes and cupcakes for a wedding. The bride had a very simple, classic style. She mentioned that her fiance had given her a pearl necklace that meant a lot, and that her bridesmaids would be wearing pearls to carry out the theme. With that in mind, I decided to incorporate pearls into the cake design.
There were a total of four cakes: chocolate/chocolate, chocolate/vanilla, vanilla/vanilla, and red velvet/cream cheese. The wedding had a natural/earthy color scheme, and the bridesmaids wore "dirty" green and blue dresses, so the cakes were made to match their colors.
The cakes were actually just intended for the bridal party (and the smaller cake was their one year anniversary cake). The guests got mini cupcakes in flavors and colors to match the cakes, with a matching pearl on top.

The pearls were all handmade. THAT was a project. A large amount of fondant was colored ivory, then hundreds of pearls were rolled by hand (in 3 different sizes: large for the base of the cakes, medium for the cupcake toppers, and small to decorate the sides and tops of the cakes) and then rolled in pearl luster dust to give them an authentic look.
I heard that the red velvet cake actually stole the show.
I admit, it's pretty striking and unexpected to cut into a blue cake and find bright red inside!


  1. These are really beautiful. Thanks for sharing.

  2. those are gorgeous... i'd be great if i found a job at a shop exactly as yours..
    love the decoratiosn!!

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