Sunday, May 18, 2008

Let's All Eat Cake

Last week was Cake Week at work: I had just a few days to create and design a new cake menu for our wholesale and catering books. We'll still do lots of custom cakes, but these are our new standard offerings, with apologies for the poor lighting and ugly set-up:
Carrot cake
Triple Chocolate
Coconut Snowball (my inspiration was the Hostess snowball snack cakes!)
German chocolate
Red Velvet
Tuxedo Cake: chocolate with whipped cream and a ganache glaze

Strawberries and cream
Lemon cake, the original design. I didn't love it when I made it, and the next morning, I woke up early knowing I had to change it. I couldn't stand having this design in our cake book! Revised lemon cake design. LOVE the polka dots. It's much more in keeping with our goal to do playful cakes, plus it just seems to fit the sunny taste of lemon curd.


  1. Really nice cakes. I also love the polka dots!

  2. Anonymous4:34 PM

    OMG those are amazing!


  3. Amazing! I would love to taste them all, but especially the triple chocolate, and I adore the design of the tuxedo cake.